Allergen Information

We fully understand that allergic reactions can make some people very ill and in extreme cases may lead to death. We want to make sure customers don’t consume the foods and drinks they are allergic to. We can’t guarantee our food is suitable for those with allergies, but to make things easy as possible, we’ve put together this handy guide with information about any and all allergens contained within our products.

Allergen information is always available in our bars, please request during your next visit. For pre-packaged items e.g. crisps, chocolate bars and cake bars, the required information is available on the back of pack.

We have strict processes in all our bars to avoid cross-contamination when preparing and serving our food and drinks.

Please remember to check our guide regularly as recipes do change from time to time.

We list the presence of the following allergens in our food and drinks: Eggs, Milk, Fish, Crustaceans (like crayfish), Molluscs (like mussels, oysters & squid), Tree Nuts, Sesame, Cereals Containing Gluten (these are wheat, rye and barley), Soya, Celery & Celeriac, Mustard, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition information is provided per 100g/ml and per pack/portion. The data on the following nutrients is available for each product that we sell. For pre-packaged items e.g. crisp, chocolate bars and cake bars the required information is available on the back of pack.

We list the following Nutrition Information:

Energy and kcal, Fat, Saturated Fat, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Protein and Sodium

Download Nutrition & Allergen Information